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Being married to the truck driver has inspired me to learn more about the truck driving industry. Learning about all the headaches and time wasted stories that my truck driver has gone through is what motivated me to learn and jump into the industry to improve the gray areas of dispatched services.

Rates! The number one issue. An issue that cannot be fixed unless truck drivers stop accepting lower rates. As My job and what I now highly take pride in is to fight and negotiate rates to the highest as possible. Providing a carrier with the least deadhead between loads. Provide the maximum or any amount of miles wanted. If you are stuck in an area with no way out, leave it to me to find a load out. Driving empty and unpaid should not be an option. It is my priority to keep you rolling and get you the best rates, my goal is to have carriers drive in peace with their focus on driving. I book, you approve, and you drive stress-free!

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Cypress, Texas


Cell Phone: 281.802.0200

Fax: 281.840.6040


Dispatch: 24/7

Booking: As long as Brokers stay available. :)


Dispatch and Future Rental Equipment Services 

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Dispatch Rates:

  • Loads under 600 miles at 3%
  • Loads over 600 miles at 4%
  • Those who refer a carrier that signs up and receives dispatch services qualify for additional .05% discount.
  • Email me today for a carriers packet. Start rolling the same day! [email protected]

Rental Equipment in the near future:

Future goal is to provide equipment rentals for those that may need additional equipment to help improve their business. I would love to provide the option to have what a carrier needs most to be successful and productive in the logistics industry. Rates and types of equipment will be posted soon.

Victoria is a hard working motivated dispatcher who really puts her heart into servicing her clients needs. She works hard to get the best loads within the clients parameters. Beyond just using load boards she researches new avenues for her clients to get into higher their revenue stream. To sum it up, she works hard for the client period!!

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